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Smart Controls

A world of possibilities at the touch of your fingertips

The term 'smart home' includes a variety of devices and systems that have the goal of improving your living comfort through automated operations. Innovative technologies enable networking, remote control and programming of all functions in a smart home. With a recent boom in the availability of smart devices such as speakers, thermostats and domestic appliances, there are now more possibilities than ever to create complete 'smart home' networks where devices are controlled via mobile phone applications, through a home hub or entirely autonomously.

Being able to control your devices remotely enables you to take ultimate control of when your electricity is being used, maximising your energy efficiency and minimising the costs associated with un-necessary usage.

Smart Control Home Phone

Many devices also incorporate features such as 'geo-fencing', which can be used to automatically turn your devices/ heating on and off based upon the proximity of your mobile phone to your house.

Bespoke 'Smart Solutions' for your home or workplace

Our team of specialist electrical engineers will work with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your specific requirements before using this to create a completely customised and bespoke package to fulfil your needs.

Once implemented, we'll provide you with the information and training you'll need to take control of your connected home devices and gain the maximum benefit from their functions and features.


There is no 'one size fits all' with smart home control, and we can help you with everything - from simple thermostat installation to fully automated home systems. To discuss your requirements, contact us today. 

There are a number of big benefits to Smart Home Control systems. These include:


Maximise your energy efficiency by setting devices to 'off' when not in use


The ability to manage all of your home's electrical devices from one place.


Flexibility when it comes to the integration of new devices, appliances and other technology


Increased home security by incorporating security & surveillance features in your home network.


Home management insights with an ability to tap into information about how your home operates.

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