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Thermal Imaging Surveys

Detect hotspots before they become problems

Thermal Imaging or ‘Thermography’ has a variety of application across many industries from building and construction to medicine, electrical engineering and renewable energy. The thermal image camera allows the human eye to see infra-red radiation and record clear pictures allowing interrogation, fault finding and analysis.

Infra-red thermography can efficiently detect building and/or design faults that lead to energy losses, allowing cost-effective remedial work to be undertaken with minimal disruption. Thermal imaging cameras are the perfect tool for locating and identifying building failures because they reveal that which would otherwise remain invisible.

Thermal Imagining Circuit

Thermal imaging technology is particularly useful as we explore a building to determine areas of heat loss such as thermal bridging, missing or incorrectly installed insulation, leaks in roofs or pipework, ventilation losses and poorly performing heat distribution equipment.

Fault finding is not limited to the buildings and building fabric. Thermal imaging can be used to source electrical faults. This might be via preventative maintenance by searching for overheating components. Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels can be checked for efficiency and wind turbines checked to avoid catastrophic failure.

Benefits of a Thermal Imaging Survey Include:


Non-Intrusive Process: Thermal Imaging Surveys are a non-intrusive process which can be carried out safely and discretely without affecting your normal day-to-day routine or business operations.


Early Fault Diagnosis: There is no other technique that is able to identify electrical issues such as poor connections, overloading, phase imbalances, faulty equipment etc. as safely and as quickly.


Heat loss Detection/ Reduction: Losing heat from your home or business will lead to escalating energy bills. Thermal Surveys pinpoint where energy is being lost so you know exactly which areas need attention or repairs.


Quick and Easy: With our portable handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras, performing a complete survey of your home or workplace is extremely straighforward with immediate feedback provided to you based upon what we find.

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